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Estate Sales

There are thousands of estates happening every weekend across the country but most people are still confused about how they actually work. Estate sales are very often associated with the death of a loved one but here at Aces in Places,  we have found this to no longer be the case. Most clients are in the baby boomer generation looking to downsize with only about 15% of sales due to death. With billions of dollars of used goods sitting in people's homes, families are looking for a quick and efficient way to manage and remove valuable home goods so they can move forward with their day to day lives.




Starting Out

During our first meeting, an Aces in Places representative will evaluate your house and see if there is enough quantity and quality items to conduct a successful sale. After the contract is signed, Aces in Places will turn the home into a professional sales setting environment for 1-4 days. There are options available for us to store the home's contents at our storage facility as well.  

First Steps


Aces in Places will organize the contents of the home and prepare the house to be open to the public for a sale. We will handle all the advertising, pictures, and marketing. At the end of the sale, we will work with you to see what you would like to do with any unsold items. Usually, 90%-95% of the items sell during the liquidation sale. 



Our general percentage is usually between 30%-40% for estate sales, depending on the condition of the house and the contents. This fee covers all our advertising, set up, and running the sale. You may also utilize our consignment store to allow us more time to sell your rare items for a better price. Contact us to learn more!



Additional Services

Aces in Places also provides the following services:

-Estate Inventory – We can assist with taking inventory of the entire estate.

-Estate Packing - Allow us to pack for your big move.

-Estate Cleaning


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